Digital Collections Platform (DCP) Initiative


The Digital Collections Platform (DCP) is a key component of the U-M Library ecosystem and the only platform on campus digitally preserving and providing access to our own collected and curated physical material in perpetuity. We carry the commitment and responsibility for these materials, which are relied upon for teaching, learning, research and scholarship.

The Digital Collections Platform aligns to the U-M Library mission & values and our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility values, and manifests the following strategic directions and objectives:

  • continuously improve our physical and digital spaces
  • explore new ways to support the whole lifecycle of scholarship
  • continuously evolve and reimagine user-centered services
  • affirm our commitment to and rethink our definition of collections
  • actively seek to identify and eliminate barriers to inclusion
  • meet researchers and learners where they are, and help them make connections between their real-world experiences and our digital collections
  • ensure that researchers and learners can access material in thoughtful and culturally aware ways
  • articulate and implement digital preservation and access strategies that serve to harmonize our services, technologies, policies, and commitments to long term preservation of the scholarly and cultural record

Rebuilding the platform will allow us to:

  • Be inclusive and anti-racist
  • Meet new accessibility guidelines
  • Maintain a far more flexible, adaptable, and extensible system
  • Increase the efficiency of managing our digital collections
  • Provide a more cohesive experience to our partners and users
  • Offer improved service and service opportunities to our partners and users
  • Support more effective and enhanced engagement with our partners
  • Actively standardize services and policies across the collections it supports 

What you need to know - as of May 2021

This section will be refreshed as work continues, and will include a new date.

  • We will continue to accept new digital collections for the foreseeable future. At some point we will need to pause creating new digital collections in the old platform in order to spin them up in the new one. We will give you plenty of warning.
  • Because our mission is to both preserve and provide long-term access to digital collections, we will continue to maintain your existing digital collections, and we will migrate them to the new platform.
  • We have begun building a refreshed image collections interface (with a refreshed image viewer). We have new designs and are coding those designs into a pilot interface. This summer we will show you previews of this interface, and encourage your feedback and comments.
  • We will continue to communicate with you when there is something exciting to share. We expect these communications to come on a semi-quarterly basis. 


Reach out with questions

If you have any questions about this project, please reach out to the co-chairs of the project team - Kat Hagedorn ( and Caitlin Pollock (

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